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        1. Social Psychology Teaching Resources

           Search for Courses
          To search over 1,000 course syllabi, type a keyword or phrase in the box below:

          Listed below are links to a variety of social psychology teaching resources, including textbooks, course syllabi, lecture notes, classroom activities, demonstrations, assignments, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics.

          For information on the SPN Action Teaching Award, please visit the page. If you wish to suggest any additions or changes to the list below, click here.

          Note: Please respect the work of others by obtaining permission before you use or adapt the teaching materials below.

          Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
          Large Sites on Teaching Psychology:

            General Resources
            Social Psychology Resources
            Journals on Teaching
            Email Discussion Lists
            Professional Groups

          Teaching Tips:

            General Tip Sheets
            Specific Tip Sheets
            Books on Teaching
            e-Books on Teaching
            Online Essays from PsychTeacher

          Classroom Materials:

            Lecture Notes:
              Lecture Notes with PowerPoint Slides
              Additional Lecture Notes
            Visual Aids and Handouts:
              Social Psychology
              Other Topics

          Student Activities:

            Small-Group Activities
            Web-Based Activities:
              General Sites
              Social Perception
              Social Interaction
              Attitudes and Social Cognition
              Personality Psychology
              Other Topics
            Activity Handbooks
            Other Student Activities
          Action Teaching:

            General Information
            Specific Examples
            2010 Award Recipients
            2009 Award Recipients
            2008 Award Recipients
            2007 Award Recipients
            2006 Award Recipients

          Assignments and Projects:

            Participant Observation
            Paper Topics
            Journal Entries
            Other Assignments


            Online Quizzes
            Essay Questions
            Classroom Examinations

          Student Study Aids:

            Tips on Test Taking
            Social Psychology Glossaries
            Writing Guides
            Citation Guides
            Research Tools and Tips

          Other Resources:

            Social Psychology Documentaries
            Web-Based Instruction
            Advising Resources
            Minority Student Resources
            Additional Resources

          Large Sites on Teaching Psychology
          General Resources:

          • (Association for Psychological Science)
          • (wide range of peer-reviewed resources)
          • (UK site)
          • (browse hundreds of syllabi by area)
          • (online course)
          • (for Introductory Psychology teachers)
          • (APA report on teaching psychology)

          Social Psychology Resources:

          Journals on Teaching:

          • (ILT journal)
          • (cross-disciplinary journal)
          • (APA Division 15 journal)
          • (international journal)
          • (intl. research and pedagogy)
          • (free e-journal)
          • (APA Division 2 journal)
          • (ASA journal)

          Email Discussion Lists:

          • (Society for the Teaching of Psychology)
          • (Society for the Teaching of Psychology)
          • (TIPS)
          • (InterTOP Network)

          Professional Groups:

          • (STP)
          • (TOPSS)
          • (PT@CC)
          • (NITOP)
          • (NASP)
          • (APA group)
          • (InterTOP Network)

          Teaching Tips
          General Tips on Teaching:

          • (APS Observer)
          • (University of Hawaii)
          • (essay by David Myers)
          • (U. of California--Berkeley)

          Tips on Specific Issues:

          Books on Teaching:

          • (2005, 12th edition)
          • (2005)
          • (2005)
          • (2009)
          • (2008)
          • (2004)
          • (Stanford University)
          • (2005)
          • (2002)

          e-Books on Teaching:

          • (2005)
          • (2006)
          • (2007)
          • (2008)
          • (2004)

          Online Essays from PsychTeacher:

          Classroom Materials
          Lecture Notes:

          • Lecture Notes with PowerPoint Slides:

            • (University of Waterloo, Canada)
            • (Univ. of Arizona)
            • (U. of Waterloo, Canada)

          • Additional Lecture Notes:

            • (University of Michigan)
            • (West Virginia University)
            • (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
            • (extensive list)

          Visual Aids and Handouts:

          • Social Psychology:

            • (University of Washington)
            • (University of Colorado)
            • (U. of Oregon)

          • Other Topics:

          Student Activities
          Small-Group Activities:

          • (University of Michigan)
          • (University of Michigan)
          • (University of Michigan)
          • (University of Michigan)
          • (Southwestern U.)
          • (University of Michigan)

          Web-Based Activities:

          • General Sites:

          • Social Perception:

            • (Univ. of California)

          • Social Interaction:

            • (non-interactive)

          • Attitudes and Social Cognition:

            • (Prentice Hall)
            • (Harvard University)

          • Personality Psychology:

            • (Prentice Hall)
            • (Prentice Hall)
            • (Prentice Hall)
            • (Prentice Hall)
            • (Prentice Hall)
            • (Prentice Hall)

          • Other Topics:

            • (Univ. of Colorado)
            • (Science NetLinks)

          Activity Handbooks:

          • (2008)
          • (2000, Vol. 1)
          • (2000, Vol. 2)
          • (2000, Vol. 3)
          • (1981, Vol. 1)
          • (1988, Vol. 2)
          • (1990, Vol. 3)
          • (1999, Vol. 4)

          Other Student Activities:

          Action Teaching
          General Information:

          Specific Examples:

          2010 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

          2009 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

          2008 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

          2007 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

          2006 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

          Assignments and Projects
          Participant Observation:

          Paper Topics:

          • (University of Calgary, Canada)
          • (Miami University)
          • (University of Michigan)
          • (University of Toledo)
          • (Binghamton University)
          • Internet-Based Persuasion Paper (Wesleyan University)

          Journal Entries:

          • (Haverford College)
          • (University of Michigan)
          • (Highline Community College)

          Other Assignments:

          Online Quizzes:

          • (Myers 8th, McGraw-Hill)
          • (Franzio 3rd, McGraw-Hill)
          • (Brehm 6th, Cengage Learning)
          • (Brehm 5th, University of Toledo)
          • (Psych Web)

          Essay Questions:

          • (Tulane University)
          • (California State University)
          • , , and (North Central College)
          • (University of Canberra)
          • (Georgia Southern University)

          Classroom Examinations:

          • (Tulane University)

          Student Study Aids
          Tips on Test Taking:

          Social Psychology Glossaries:

          • (from University of Richmond)

          Writing Guides:

          • (by M. Plonsky)
          • (by Daryl Bem)
          • (by Douglas Degelman & Martin Lorenzo Harris)
          • (from Capital Community College)
          • (by Russ Dewey)
          • (by William Strunk, Jr., and E. B. White)

          Citation Guides:

          • (from the University of Illinois)
          • (from the APA)

          Research Tools and Tips:

          Other Resources
          Social Psychology Documentaries:

          • (including his documentary)
          • (ABC Primetime Milgram replication)
          • (on the Stanford Prison Experiment)
          • (on the "blue eyed/brown eyed" exercise)
          • (updates on the "blue eyed/brown eyed" exercise)
          • (on how to manage agreement)
          • (26-part PBS series and telecourse)
          • (TV program and associated resources)
          • (links to major film distributors)

          Web-Based Instruction:

          Advising Resources:

          Minority Student Resources:

          Additional Resources:

          • Links to Social Psychology Topics (from Social Psychology Network)
          • Psi Chi Links (information on the national honors society in psychology)
          • (psychology applications in daily life)
          • (APA report)
          • (APA report)
          • (U.S. government site)
          • (APA book)

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