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        1. Social Psychology Links by Subtopic

             Social psychology is the scientific study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another. Listed below are links to social psychology topics such as prejudice and discrimination, gender, culture, social influence, interpersonal relations, group behavior, aggression, and more.

           Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
          Prejudice, Discrimination, and Diversity:

            Racism and Other Race-Related Issues
            Sexism, Gender Discrimination, and Feminism
            Antisemitism and Holocaust Information
            Antifat Prejudice
            Disability and Discrimination
            Diversity and Multiculturalism
            Prejudice Reduction
            Civil Rights
            Affirmative Action

          The Psychology of Gender:

            Women's Studies and Resources
            Men's Studies and Resources
            Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay Resources
            Other Gender Resources

          Cultural Links:

            Cultural Psychology
            Cultural Studies
            Other Sites Focusing on Culture

          Social Influence:

            Attitudes and Social Cognition
            Persuasion and Propaganda
            Marketing and Selling
            Social Marketing
            Research Centers on Social Marketing
            Cults and Social Control
            Social Influence Counter-Measures

          Interpersonal Relations:

            Romance and Attraction
            Matchmaking and Personal Ads
            Social Networking
            Sexuality and Sex Research
            Family Relations
            Human-Animal Relations
            Nonverbal Communication
          Self and Social Identity

          Group Behavior:

            Group Dynamics
            Leadership Studies
            Leadership Publications

          Violence, Conflict Resolution, and Peace:

            Violence and Aggression:
            General Resources
            Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
            International Conflict
            Peace and Conflict Resolution

          Prosocial Behavior:

            Helping, Giving, and Volunteerism:
            Social Entrepreneurship and Micro-Loans
            Other Sites on Helping
            Social Activism:
            General Resources
            Nonprofit Organizations
            Voting and Elections in the U.S.
            Voting and Elections Outside the U.S

          Disciplines Related to Social Psychology:

            Personality Psychology
            Industrial-Organizational Psychology
            Health Psychology
            Judgment and Decision Making
            Psychology and Law
            Forensic Psychology
            Environmental Psychology
            Consumer Psychology
            Human Factors and Ergonomics
            Social Work
            Other Related Disciplines

          Miscellaneous Links

           Prejudice, Discrimination, and Diversity
          Racism and Other Race-Related Issues:

          Sexism, Gender Discrimination, and Feminism:

          • (combats distorted media images of women)

          Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Information:


          • (from UnderstandingPrejudice.org)
          • (working for lesbian and gay equal rights)
          • (GLAAD)
          • (civil rights and advocacy)
          • (PFLAG)
          • (UC--Davis)
          • (blog on sexual prejudice and related topics)

          Antifat Prejudice:

          Disability and Discrimination:

          • (large link directory)

          Diversity and Multiculturalism:

          • (resource hub for higher education)
          • (APA journal)
          • (resources for cultural diversity at work)
          • (a guide to diversity terminology)
          • (for students, teachers, and activists)
          • (for social-personality psychology)

          Prejudice Reduction:

          Civil Rights:

          • (Memphis, Tennessee)
          • (U.S. Department of Justice)
          • (large coalition)
          • (Stanford U.)

          Affirmative Action:

           The Psychology of Gender
          Women's Studies and Resources:

          • (APA Div. 35)
          • (founded in 1969)
          • (Internet gateway)
          • (advancing human rights)
          • (improving women's health worldwide)

          Men's Studies and Resources:

          • (a virtual library of links on men's issues)

          Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay Resources:

          • (APA Div. 44)
          • (resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people)
          • (searchable GLBT links, resources, and information)
          • (an extensive topical catalogue)
          • (Canadian gay, lesbian, and bisexual information)
          • (free and confidential)

          Other Gender Resources:

          • (e-zine, resources, and online community)
          • (support and information)
          • (Transgender magazine)
          • (a personal view)

           Cultural Links
          Cultural Psychology:

          Cultural Studies (includes humanities as well as social sciences):

          • (search Google's n-gram database)

          Other Sites Focusing on Culture:

          • (intercultural and educational programs)

           Social Influence
          Attitudes and Social Cognition:

          • (Program on International Policy Attitudes)
          • (University of Chicago)
          • (tracking social change since 1972)
          • (over 40 countries)
          • (Harvard University)
          • (UnderstandingPrejudice.org)
          • (University of Illinois)

          Persuasion and Propaganda:

          Marketing and Selling:

          • (American Marketing Association)
          • (tools, skills, and resources for sales professionals)
          • (focuses on Internet-based marketing)

          Social Marketing:

          • (overview from Wikipedia)
          • (general information and resources)
          • (journal devoted exclusively to topic)
          • (annual USF event)
          • (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
          • (New Zealand, Australia, and South Pacific)

          Research Centers on Social Marketing:

          • (clearinghouse and research group)
          • (University of Stirling, Scotland)
          • (Carleton University, Canada)
          • (U.K. National Consumer Council)
          • (UC--Berkeley)
          • (University of Wollongong, Australia)
          • (Edith Cowan U., Australia)


          • (creates ad campaigns for the public good)
          • (magazine on marketing, advertising, and mass media)
          • (critical perspective with searchable database of ads)

          Cults and Social Control:

          • (site of the Hale-Bopp suicide cult)
          • (information, organizations, and references)
          • (from cult expert Rick Ross)
          • (from cult expert Steven Hassan)

          Social Influence Counter-Measures:

          • (consumer action tips)
          • (U.S. site; can also call 888-382-1222)
          • (software that blocks advertisements in all web browsers)
          • (an parody of Joe Camel)

           Interpersonal Relations
          Romance and Attraction:

          • (tips, ideas, forum, and more)
          • (a research-based overview)
          • (pucker up for kissing tips and e-kisses)
          • (advice, tips, links, and other resources)
          • (analyze your voice for the sound of love)
          • (an index of shyness resources)

          Matchmaking and Personal Ads:

          • (online dating for activists)
          • (honest profiles with pros and cons)
          • (offers matching as well as searching)
          • (uses a mathematical matching system)
          • (matches traits, interests, and preferences)
          • (uses compatibility matching system)
          • (personality profiles and compatibility matches)
          • (dating site for companion animal lovers)
          • (online dating community for seniors)
          • (for progressive, socially concerned singles)

          Social Networking:

          • (world's largest social network)
          • (online community of researchers)
          • (information and microblogging network)
          • (social network for professionals)
          • (online communities and friendship networks)
          • (founded in 1995 and has millions of members)
          • (weblog communities, profiles, and more)

          Sexuality and Sex Research:

          • (information on sexually transmitted diseases)
          • (from the APA)
          • and


          • (legal resource with articles, bulletin boards, and more)
          • (comprehensive resource on divorce)
          • (another divorce megasite)
          • (still another excellent resource)
          • (articles, resources, and support)

          Family Relations:

          • (family megasite)
          • (search over 1 million adoption pages)
          • (nonprofit organization for single parents)

          Human-Animal Relations:

          • (research and educational organization)
          • (maintains large research database)
          • (conducted investigation)
          • (human-animal studies)
          • (human-animal relations, including animal-assisted therapy)
          • (searchable database of animals needing homes)
          • (offers masters degree)
          • (includes archive of articles)

          Nonverbal Communication:

          • (nonprofit research center)
          • (videos and demonstrations)

           Self and Social Identity
          • (ISSI research journal)
          • (Khan Academy videos)
          • (online self-improvement community)

           Group Behavior
          Group Dynamics:

          Leadership Studies:

          • (global network)
          • (Harvard University)
          • (Claremont McKenna College)
          • (University of Kansas)
          • (University of Richmond)
          • (Kansas State University)
          • (SUNY--Binghamton)
          • (University of Southern Maine)
          • (West Virginia University)
          • (Williams College)

          Leadership Publications:

          • (interdisciplinary journal)
          • (open online journal)
          • (interdisciplinary journal)
          • (international journal)
          • (interdisciplinary journal)

           Violence, Conflict, Negotiation, and Peace
          Violence and Aggression:

          International Conflict:


          • (nonprofit organization)
          • (from The Negotiation Experts)

          Peace and Conflict Resolution:

          • Peace Psychology Links (from Social Psychology Network)
          • (APA Division 48)
          • (building cultures of peace)
          • (web portal)
          • (topic overview)
          • (information sources)

           Prosocial Behavior
          Helping, Giving, and Volunteerism:

          • Philanthropy:

            • (act now to end world poverty!)
            • (searchable database of >3,000 charity evaluations)
            • (Duke Univ.)
            • (donor's guide to the charitable universe)
            • (philanthropy megasite)
            • (nearly effortless ways to give)

          • Social Entrepreneurship and Micro-Loans:

            • (make a micro-loan today!)
            • (press release)
            • (video of Nobel Winner Muhammad Yunus)
            • (National Public Radio story)
            • (innovating for the world's poor)

          • Other Sites on Helping:

            • (spreads kindness)
            • (helps people get out and do good)
            • (site devoted to service and volunteering)
            • (honoring people who stick their neck out)
            • (turning compassion into heroic action)
            • Additional Ways to Give (from SPN Sites of the Week)

          Social Activism: 

          • General Resources:

            • (for those who care2 make a difference)
            • (connecting activists)
            • (resources to make a difference on political issues)
            • (promoting more constructive forms of disagreement)
            • (video)

          • Nonprofit Organizations:

            • (nonprofit resources)
            • (information and searchable database)
            • (on nonprofit management)

          • Voting and Elections in the United States:

          • Voting and Elections Outside the United States:

            • (timely information on elections around the world)
            • (extensive information on elections)
            • (research and assistance)
            • (intergovernmental)

           Disciplines Related to Social Psychology
          Personality Psychology:

          • Personality Psychology Links
          • (Personality Psychology Foundation)
          • (links related to personality theory and research)
          • (profiles of historical figures and theorists)
          • (world's largest test collection database)

          Industrial-Organizational Psychology:

          Health Psychology:

          • Health Psychology Links (from SPN)
          • (APA Division 38)
          • (United Nations agency)
          • (United States)
          • (Cancer Control & Population Sciences)
          • (from eInterview.org)

          Judgment and Decision Making:

          • (interdisciplinary digest and blog)
          • (draws on the work of Egon Brunswik)

          Psychology and Law:

          • (APA Division 41)
          • (APA information and resources)
          • (APA Division 41 journal)
          • (APA journal)
          • (BPS journal)

          Forensic Psychology:

          Environmental Psychology:

          • (APA Division 34 journal)

          Consumer Psychology:

          • (APA Division 23)
          • (SCP journal)
          • (ScienceDaily)
          • (Psychology Today)
          • (blog)

          Human Factors and Ergonomics:

          • (ergonomics megasite)
          • (journal of the Ergonomics Society and IEA)
          • (a scrapbook of illustrated examples)


          • (superb sociology megasite)
          • (large sociology directory)
          • (comprehensive guide to sociology online)

          Social Work:

          Other Related Disciplines:

           Miscellaneous Links
          • Find
          • Explore the , a social psychology e-zine
          • Read , an electronic textbook
          • Visit the web site in Australia
          • Join the , founded in 2007
          • Browse through the at Miami University

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