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        1. Add-a-Link Page

          Have a favorite web site? Want to advertise a page you've developed? On this page, you can add a link to any web site as long as it is of general interest (e.g., not focused on local information or services) and doesn't violate the SPN User Policy. Each link category is limited to 20 items, so a new link will push the bottom entry off the list.

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          Psychology-Related Links
          • -- A book by Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, Robin M., this is excellent study material.

          • -- The realistic career opportunities available if you have a psychology degree.

          • -- A resource with information on studying and working in Forensic Psychology

          • -- Explores the latest research and theory on human deception

          • -- A blog relating the science of psychology to everyday life

          • -- Psychology articles focusing on the summary & applications of psychological research

          • -- What are spontaneous social inferences?

          • -- Visit Brightsity to see how HIP Leadership meets measurable needs at the individual, interpersonal, & organizational levels

          • -- Master of Science in Psychology distance learning course from the University of Leicester

          • -- This site contains a collection of reviews on popular psychology books

          • -- Will be published by Academic Press/Elsevier in October 2017

          • -- Psychology-info.com is dedicated to the wonderful world of psychology

          • -- Interested in becoming more politically active? Join us Jan 26th for this free course on edX.org.

          • -- Online degrees in psychology masters programs in California and doctorate of psychology (Psy.D.)

          • -- SPSSI-UK's Inaugural Symposium at the University of Kent, UK

          • -- A discussion forum created to learn and share information about personality type.

          • -- Articles related to the history of psychology

          • -- Online Psychology Degrees

          • -- A comprehensive guide on nonverbal gestures, their meanings, and their causes

          • -- A psychology news website reporting research related to human behavior, cognition, and society

          Other Noteworthy Links
          • -- Name your problems, and this workshop delivers hundreds of problem-stopping answers.

          • -- Resource from Adelphi University that looks at careers in social work with a Master's in Social Work

          • -- Join our dedicated team of educators and staff at an accredited, forward-thinking college

          • -- Neuro-Ophthalmology and Vision Science conference on “Blooming of Bionic Eye into Vision”

          • -- 5th Academy of Management PDW on "Trust Between Individuals and Organizations."

          • -- In this video, high school students from Everett, Pennsylvania, share their perspectives

          • -- Democratizing information about neuroscience and nootropics

          • -- Measures smoking cessation and the length of time you stopped smoking

          • -- App for analyzing qualitative and mixed methods research with text, photos, audio, videos, spreadsheet data, and more

          • -- Thrive creates evidence-based apps to proactively help you with your mind

          • -- An article from Bob Books on how to use familiar objects or photographs as teaching tools

          • -- Delivered by Open Colleges in partnership with industry leader Integrated Care & Management Training, this course is perfect for caring individuals who want to make a meaningful difference in their clients’ lives.

          • -- AdoptHelp is a leading adoption center, provides personalized adoption plan.

          • -- The American Heart Association is dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke

          • -- Phonics eStore aims to provide free educational resources for young children, a global initiative.

          • -- A resource for summaries of learning theories and frameworks, useful for students and teachers!

          • -- Awards $50-200k, Project Duration up to 2 years, 5-10 awards granted, Letter of Intent due Nov 30

          • -- Stanford sociologist Robb Willer finds an effective way to persuade people in politics

          • -- New England College Online for Associates Degree and Bachelor Programs

          • -- A new Stanford study offers ideas on how to encourage men to donate money and time to charity.

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