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        1. Psychology Blogs, Podcasts, and RSS Feeds

               This page contains over 150 links to psychology-related blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds. For more information about these technologies, please click below:

          What is a blog?
          What is a podcast?
          What is an RSS feed?

          RSS Feed RSS Feed  All subscriptions are available free of charge, and none require registration. To subscribe to a blog, podcast, or RSS feed of interest, simply click on its orange subscription icon (or its purple icon if the subscription is to an iTunes podcast).

          If you wish to suggest any additions to this list, please click here (Note: Due to the large number of blogs authored by students, SPN is unable to post links to student blogs at this time).

           Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
          Psychology Blogs:

            General Psychology and Neuroscience
            Politics and Public Policy
            Judgment and Decision Making
            Happiness, Fulfillment, and Life Meaning
            Interpersonal Relationships
            Teaching and Education
            Other Topics
          Psychology Podcasts:

            Course Podcasts
            Other Podcasts

          Psychology RSS Feeds:

            Psychology and Neuroscience News
            Psychology and Neuroscience Videos
            Other RSS Feeds

          Psychology-Related Blogs
          General Psychology and Neuroscience:

          • (group blog)
          • (group blog)
          • (by Jeremy Dean)
          • (aggregated blog postings)
          • (British Psychological Society)
          • (by David Myers and Nathan DeWall)
          • (by Jonah Lehrer)
          • (by Satoshi Kanazawa)
          • (by Wray Herbert)
          • (group blog)
          • (from PsychCentral)

          Politics and Public Policy:

          • (by Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton)
          • (by Martin G. Evans)
          • (by Dennis Fox)
          • (by Bem Allen)

          Judgment and Decision Making:

          • (by Adam Alter)
          • (by Daniel Goldstein)
          • (by Yakov Ben-Haim)
          • (by Peter McGraw)
          • (by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein)
          • (by Dan Ariely)
          • (by Frank Murtha and Richard Peterson)
          • (by Shankar Vedantam)

          Happiness, Fulfillment, and Life Meaning:

          • (by Roy Baumeister)
          • (by Todd Kashdan)
          • (by Sonja Lyubomirsky)
          • (by Barbara Fredrickson)
          • (by Alice Boyes)
          • (by Douglas Kenrick)
          • (by Dan Gilbert)
          • (by Michael Steger)

          Interpersonal Relationships:

          • (by Nathan DeWall)
          • (by John Cacioppo)
          • (by William Ickes)
          • (by Bella DePaulo)
          • (group blog)
          • (group blog)
          • (Justin Lehmiller)

          Teaching and Education:

          • (by Dana Dunn)
          • (by Erin King)
          • (by Deborah Jepsen)
          • (group blog)

          Other Topics:

          • (York University)
          • (by Marc Bekoff)
          • (by Gay Bradshaw)
          • (by Stephanie West Allen)
          • (by Greta and Dave Munger)
          • (by Ben Dattner)
          • (by Seth Kalichman)
          • (by Chris Chatham)
          • (by Alan Reifman)
          • (by Philip Zimbardo)
          • (by Scott Allison)
          • (group blog)
          • (by Pamela Rutledge)
          • (by Ian Newby-Clark)
          • (by Roger Dooley)
          • (by Mo Costandi)
          • (by Joachim Krueger)
          • (by Arvid Kappas)
          • (by Samuel Sommers)
          • (by Armindo Freitas-Magalhaes)
          • (by Rick Larrick)
          • (by John Bargh)
          • (by John Mayer)
          • (group blog)
          • (by Allen McConnell)
          • (by Art Markman)

          Psychology-Related Podcasts
          Course Podcasts:

          • (University of California, Berkeley)
          • (University of Connecticut)
          • (Yale University)
          • (University of California, San Diego)
          • (University of California, Berkeley)
          • (University of California, Berkeley)
          • RSS Feed (University of California, Los Angeles)

          Other Podcasts:

          • (from Scientific American)
          • (from ABC Radio National)
          • (by Ginger Campbell)
          • (by Todd Daniel)
          • (National Institutes of Health)
          • (from the National Institutes of Health)
          • (from Texas Tech University)
          • (from Taylor & Francis Group)
          • (by Gaston Weisz)
          • (from the National Science Foundation)
          • (by Michael Britt)
          • (by Robert Burriss)
          • (by Christopher Green)
          • (by Tamler Sommers and David Pizarro)

          Psychology-Related RSS Feeds
          Psychology and Neuroscience News:

          • (from the New York Times)
          • RSS Feed Psychology News Service (from Social Psychology Network)
          • (Society for the Psych. Study of Social Issues)
          • (from Medical News Today)
          • (from the American Psychological Association)

          Psychology and Neuroscience Videos:

          • (by Sandra Kiume)
          • (from PsychExchange)
          • (from the Sapling Foundation)

          Other RSS Feeds:

          • (from the Washington Post)
          • (social psychology e-zine)
          • Journals Related to Social Psychology (Social Psychology Network)
          • (multiple RSS feeds from Scientific American)
          • (National Institute of Mental Health)
          • (from the National Science Foundation)
          • (American Psychological Association)
          • (from Harvard University)

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